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Checkweigher with metal detection machine

Checkweigher with metal detection machine

1. The gold check-weighing integrated machine adopts advanced dynamic weighing and digital processing system to realize high-speed and stable measurement.
2. A variety of anti-interference measures have a strong ability to noise and external interference.
3. Large-screen display, simple operation, clear detection information.
4. The single-button locking modular transmission device can be quickly disassembled and assembled, and the belt adjustment is simple and easy.
5. All stainless steel frame meets hygiene requirements.
6. It is used to detect whether a single product contains metal foreign matter and whether the weight matches the set target. It is an economical and practical solution.
7, 3 weight divisions.
8. The data statistics function can record the information of unqualified products.
9. Self-diagnosis, automatic shutdown in case of failure.
10. Left and right swing arm type automatic sorting device.
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