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Three Servo Motor High Speed Multi-functional Pillow Packing Machine

Three Servo Motor High Speed Multi-functional Pillow Packing Machine

Three Servo Motor High Speed Multi-functional Pillow Packing Machine
CategoriesPacking machine manufacturer
Place of OriginGuangdong, China
warranty period1 year
AutomationFull Automatic
FunctionPackaging, sealing, filling, packaging assistance
Update Time2021-06-24
Detail Information
Three-servo high-speed multifunctional pillow packing machine 
Packaging Shape 
Disc, spherical, oval, waist, cylindrical, and so on 
Total power 
4.5 kW 
Packing speed 
50-1200 pills/min 
Packaging size 
Length 10-50mm  ,Width 10-30mm ,Height 4-25mm 
Power supply 
Outline Dimensions 
2.40*1.34*1.76 m 
Weight of the whole machine
Product detail
Three servo motors, running faster and smoother
Constantly optimize the design to make the scheme more scientific.
High quality servo machines are accurate at every revolution.
Technological innovation is placed at the top of the company’s development, continuously optimizing the performance of motor products, including low vibration, low temperature rise, low noise, high efficiency, etc., and intensified control in R&D and production.

The process of mechanical design is often a process of refinement from the whole to the part. The so-called whole refers to a general overall view. For example, to get a certain subject (designing a machine with a certain function), we must first form an overall fuzzy design concept in our mind (some global factors should be considered at this time), and our machine design is all determined by Senior mechanical engineers carry out the design to ensure that there will be no mistakes in the use process.
Applicable fields
Suitable for granular packaging of candies and other solid objects with regular shapes
Finished bag type
Suitable for granular packaging of round and oval small candies
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