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Dadi Powder vertical packaging machine

Dadi Powder vertical packaging machine

Dadi Powder vertical packaging machine
CategoriesPacking machine manufacturer
Applicable Productspowder
Place of OriginGuangdong, China
Materialstainless steel
Warranty period1 years
Update Time2021-06-24
Detail Information
Packaging speed
Package weight
Bag size
Roll film width
Sealing form
Back side sealing
Gross Power
Gross weight
Product details
1. Using servo motor, Siemens PLC control.
2. This machine is equipped with a correction function to improve the reliability and intelligence of the whole machine.
3. Single and double belts pulling film, accurate servo positioning, automatic shutdown without film, strong stability.
4. Collar type (vertical cutting, stable bag making)
5. The fault self-diagnosis function can minimize production loss.
6. This machine is matched with various meters to automatically complete product measurement, feeding and charging
Various functions such as bag filling, date printing, inflation (exhaust) and bag gusset are matched and completed
The output of the entire finished product.
Compared with general equipment, the powder packaging machine is more targeted, so it can adjust and improve its own functions and characteristics according to the characteristics of powder products, so that it makes people more demanding on the packaging of powder products in all aspects. satisfaction.

The powder packaging machine can automatically complete the entire packaging process of metering, bag making, packaging, sealing, printing, counting, etc. It integrates machine, electricity, light and instrumentation. It adopts screw feeding and light control technology, and adopts servo motor and screw. Advanced powder packaging machine with quantitative technology.
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