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Combination scale automatic packaging machine

Combination scale automatic packaging machine

Combination scale automatic packaging machine
Combination scale automatic packaging machineCombination scale automatic packaging machine
CategoriesPackaging and checkweighing combined system
ModelDBW-EA series
Component1material hoist
Component2automatic weighing and counting machine (combination scale)
Component4packaging machine
Component5finished product conveyor
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Update Time2021-06-24
Detail Information
DBW-EA series packaging and checkweighing combined system
Packaging speed
15-60 bags/min
Bag size
L:50- 300mm W:80- 200mm
 Bag type
pillow bag, stand up pouch,pillow with hole pouch,continuous bag
Measuring range
150- 1500ml
Max film width
Film thickness
Air comsumption
0.4m3/min 0.6MPa
Packaging materia
Power source
2. 5KW/220V 50-6
Overall size
1 800kg
Products detail
1.Application: candy, melon seeds, potato chips, pistachio nuts, peanuts, jelly, frozen dumplings, biscuits,chocolate, nuts, pet food, puffed food, small hardware, plastic parts, such as various granular, flaky, strip,irregular shape of the material quantitative weighing.
2.Servo film system, accurate positioning,excellent performance of the whole machine, beautiful packaging;Perfect automatic alarm protection function, reduce the loss to the minimum;
3.The machine and metering device can automatically complete the measurement, feeding, illing bag, date printing of all packaging process.
Application example
Applicable products: 
Tea, coffee, frozen products, candies, melon seeds, potato chips, pistachios, peanuts, corn, wheat, nuts, preserved fruits.
Applicable products: 
Jelly, frozen glutinous rice balls, biscuits, candied fruit, mothballs, raisins, almonds, chocolate, nuts, cereals, pet food.
Applicable products: 
Quantitative weighing of various granular, flake, strip and irregular shaped materials such as puffed food, small hardware parts, plastic parts.
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