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LS motion control system scheme on pillow packaging machine

LS motion control system scheme on pillow packaging machine

Issue Time:2022-03-25
Pillow type packing machine
Pillow packaging machine is a kind of equipment with very strong packaging ability and can be used in various industries such as food industry, pharmaceutical industry, daily necessities, and disposable products.

With the development of motion control technology, pillow packaging machines need to avoid traditional design defects and adapt to the current situation. For this reason, LS applies XMC independent motion controller + L7NH bus servo motion control technology to pillow packaging machines. This solution has the following advantage:
1. Dedicated function blocks realize customized services, saving time and convenience;
2. Improve work efficiency and reduce operation and maintenance costs through EtherCAT bus;
3. The electronic cam curve is smooth, effectively reducing mechanical resonance;
4. The servo synchronization performance is good, which effectively improves the stability of the system.
Pillow packaging machines mainly perform product forming, positioning, packaging and sealing operations. The equipment consists of a packaging film axis that provides packaging film, a feed axis that provides materials, a cutter axis that performs sealing and cutting operations, and the output after the product is packaged. The material shaft composition, the equipment structure diagram is as follows:
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