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8 factors affect the accuracy of the checkweigher

8 factors affect the accuracy of the checkweigher

Issue Time:2019-03-28
Today, the editor will talk to you about 8 major factors that affect the accuracy of the checkweigher. Let’s look at the detailed introduction:
The main reasons that affect the accuracy of the checkweigher are the following 8 points:
1. Air flow, such as the fan, air conditioner, and wind in the workshop will all affect the accuracy of the checkweigher.
2. Ground vibration. Due to the high noise in the workshop, the frequent operation of the machine causes ground vibration, and even the uneven ground in some workshops will affect the accuracy of the checkweigher.
3. Temperature, generally high temperature, low temperature, humidity, and extreme stability will also affect the accuracy of the checkweigher. Under normal circumstances, the suitable working environment for the checkweigher is -5℃~40℃, relative humidity: 95% (no condensation)
Fourth, electrostatic induction, static electricity will be generated when charged objects or dust approach metal objects, and of course it will also cause interference or even damage to the sensitive checkweigher. Therefore, anti-static measures must be prepared in advance.
5. Radio frequency interference, various radio frequency interference checkweighers. Therefore, how to reduce and avoid this kind of radio frequency interference not only has theoretical significance, but also has engineering value.
6. The product to be tested is corrosive, so you can only tailor a corrosive checkweigher, and communicate with the engineer in detail in the early stage, what kind of material and what kind of process is used for special treatment.
7. The product has omissions. For example, the packaging box is not tightly sealed, which leads to omissions. This small phenomenon will also have a certain impact on the accuracy.
8. Human use errors. Improper use in the production process has the greatest impact on the accuracy of the checkweigher, and even damages the checkweigher. The most likely to be damaged is the load cell.

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