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Check the items before using the automatic checkweigher

Check the items before using the automatic checkweigher

Issue Time:2020-03-24
The automatic checkweigher is now used more and more widely. Many manufacturers will use the automatic checkweigher to detect whether the product weight is qualified. However, since there are still many people who do not know the automatic checkweigher, they are The use of checkweighers is not well understood. Today, the editor will tell you a detail. The automatic checkweigher needs to be checked before it runs, so what should be checked? The following editor will give you a detailed introduction.
Please check the following before the automatic checkweigher is running:

1. Whether there are contact parts to confirm that the front and back conveyor belts are not in contact.
2. Set the parameters to confirm whether the standard value, upper limit and lower limit are set correctly.
3. The measurement accuracy has been conveyed more than 10 times from the auxiliary conveyor for the same measurement product, and confirmed whether the fluctuation is large.
4. Only the main product is sent for the confirmation of the detection range, and then the test strip is sent on the main product (defective product is sent when there is no test strip), and "No test" and "Test" are confirmed respectively.
5. The removal action confirms the correct removal of normal products, overweight products, and underweight products.

Clean up after the automatic checkweigher:
1. Clean up the garbage around the scale.
2. Clean the dirt of the entire equipment.
Perform the following checks once a month:
1. Remove the conveyor belt and confirm whether the end face is cracked.
2. Confirm that the motor, roller, and conveyor belt are in the running state of the conveyor belt without abnormal noise and the conveyor belt has no deviation.

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