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How to maintain the checkweigher and packaging machine?

How to maintain the checkweigher and packaging machine?

Issue Time:2019-02-23
Each machine shipped from the factory has a corresponding instruction manual and related precautions, and professional staff will come to provide technical guidance and product training services.
To better use the checkweigher and extend its service life, the following aspects must be done:
1. Strictly operate in accordance with the instruction manual provided by the checkweigher manufacturer. If you don’t understand, please contact the manufacturer’s designated technician to answer in detail.
2. Select the appropriate operator, the user must be trained and have clear responsibilities (operation, preparation, maintenance).
3. Before use, check whether the hardware and electronic components of the checkweigher are loose. If there is any looseness, please contact a professional technician to reset it, and then turn it on after confirmation.
4. Regularly carry out routine maintenance work on the checkweigher, and take care of it by wiping, cleaning, lubricating, adjusting and other methods to maintain and protect the performance of the equipment.
5. Regularly test the accuracy of the checkweigher to determine whether the weighing equipment can be used normally. If accurate testing is not carried out, the accuracy of the product may be inaccurate in the weight inspection process, causing unnecessary losses to the enterprise.

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