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Why use a checkweigher?

Why use a checkweigher?

Issue Time:2018-01-08
Dynamic checkweigher: also known as weight sorting machine, weight detector, weight rejection machine, online weighing machine.

 It is an indispensable supporting weighing equipment in the automated production process, widely used in pharmaceutical, food, seafood, beverage, health care products, cosmetics, electronics, daily chemicals, light industry, batteries, packaging and other industries.

As an integral part of the overall quality control system, the online checkweigher is used to protect manufacturers and consumers:
Ensure that manufacturers provide products that are in full compliance with national regulations, including standard weights or accessories, and that they make full use of raw materials.
Ensure that consumers get verified, high-quality products that include the weight or accessories on the label. To establish a good relationship of trust between manufacturers and consumers to ensure that strict quality standards are met and followed throughout the production process.

There are several advantages of using online checkweighing equipment:
1. Ensure compliance with GMP regulations;
2. Ensure that consumers obtain verified high-quality products and reduce drug complaints and disputes;
3. Improve production efficiency and increase corporate profits;
4. Completely eliminate substandard products through automatic rejection, reduce human factors and ensure quality;
5. Save time cost, capital cost and human resource management cost;
6. Reduce downtime, eliminate costly product loss, and create huge value for the enterprise.

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