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What is the intelligent processing technology of packaging machine?

What is the intelligent processing technology of packaging machine?

Update Time:2021-04-06
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The ultimate goal of the packaging machine is to replace or extend part of the human brain work in the processing process by a computer, so as to realize the automation of decision-making, monitoring and control in the processing of the packaging machine. The basic characteristics of packaging machine intelligent processing technology can be summarized as follows:
1. Based on the artificial knowledge system, part of the human decision-making is replaced, and the processing plan and preliminary processing parameters of the parts are automatically generated.

2. It has the ability to monitor the processing process in real time according to the changes of external sensor signals

3. It has the ability to optimize and adjust the processing parameters in real time according to the change of the shape of the workpiece, so that the processing system is always in working condition.

4. According to the monitoring of the processing status, it can self-diagnose and repair machine failures.

5. It can provide the operator with a human-machine integrated intelligent interactive interface.

6. Have the ability to accumulate processing experience and continuously acquire processing knowledge and enrich the original knowledge system through the continuation of the processing process.

     A few days ago, the real packaging machine intelligent processing system has not been established, but due to the lack of skilled machine operators in the world and the industry's higher and higher requirements for packaging machine processing technology. Therefore, it is imperative to improve the intelligent level of packaging machine processing, and the intelligentization of packaging machine processing is an inevitable trend in the development of modern processing technology.
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