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Screw packing machine

Screw packing machine

Update Time:2021/3/26 14:40:33
Screw packing machine
Screw packing machine
Screw packaging machine application video
At this stage, the factory is developing rapidly. In order to meet the growing market demand, each production factory has increased the application of new technologies and new equipment. The packaging process of the screw packaging machine is: first bagging, second opening bag, and third filling material , Four sealing, five printing production date. Such hardware screw packaging machine equipment with automation, intelligence, production efficiency, production quality, complete functions, and high technology content can more meet the production needs of the factory.

The screw packaging machine has replaced manual packaging and has become a right-hand man in the packaging production line. Compared with general packaging equipment, the current hardware screw packaging machine is regarded as a relatively classic processing equipment. The production cost is low and mass production is possible, which to a large extent meets the factory's high-yield and high-quality production tasks. Assist the rapid development of the factory. Major factories are very recognized for the technology of the hardware screw packaging machine. The following are the technical advantages of the screw packaging machine.

Technical advantage one:

It adopts advanced computer electrical control system, friendly man-machine interface, convenient operation, and is equipped with testing equipment, which can detect that the filling equipment does not fill and the heat sealing equipment does not seal when there is no packaging or the packaging bag is not opened. So as to avoid wasting packaging materials and raw materials.

Technical advantage two:

The equipment uses frequency conversion speed control equipment, which can be adjusted within a certain range according to actual needs during production. The packaging bag specifications can be quickly changed. The width of the automatic screw equipment may be easily and quickly adjusted by adjusting the handle. When adjusting the specifications, the distance between each mechanical claw is only The conversion of 10 pairs of mechanical jaw specifications can be completed by one bolt, and the operation is simple.

Technical advantage three:

The operation is reassuring. When the working air pressure is abnormal or the heating tube fails, there will be a warning prompt; and the screw method is a horizontal bag feeding method, and the bag storage device can store hundreds of packaging bags at a time, which has low requirements for the quality of the bags. The rate of bag splitting and bag loading is high; at the same time, the equipment adjusts the bag width using motor control, press and hold the control button to adjust the width of each group of machine clips at the same time, which is convenient to operate and save time;

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