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Powder packing machine

Powder packing machine

Update Time:2021/3/26 10:43:02
Powder packing machine
Powder packing machine
Advantages of powder packaging machine
Applicable Products:

1. Solids: candies, peanuts, green beans, pistachios, puffed foods, etc.

2. Granules: beans, crystalline monosodium glutamate, granular medicines, capsules, seeds, chemical seasonings, chicken essence, melon seeds, pesticides, fertilizers, feeds, etc.

3. Powders: condiments, milk powder, dextrose, corn starch, etc.

4. Liquids: soy sauce, rice vinegar, fruit juice, beverages, etc.

5. Sauce type: tomato sauce, chili sauce, bean paste, etc.

6. Cosmetics: facial mask liquid, laundry detergent, facial mask powder, etc.

Machine characteristics:

1. It is equipped with different filling mechanisms, and the materials that can be packaged include liquid, powder, granule, suspension and other materials. It is especially suitable for the outer packaging of all kinds of dried fruit roasted seeds and nuts, candies, chocolates, powders, etc.

2. A variety of fashionable bag types, including ordinary flat bag packaging, ordinary self-supporting bag packaging, zipper flat bag packaging, zipper self-supporting bag packaging, and various special-shaped bag packaging. It is a flexible and economical packaging solution that chooses different blanking devices to package different products. It is suitable for enterprises with a wide range of packaging specifications, a wide variety of packaging bag types, and frequent packaging switching.

3. The filling and sealing of this machine are relatively independent systems. The two systems are coordinated and linked through mechanical linkage and programmable logic controller (PL C). Therefore, it can be adapted to different packaging objects, packaging bag dimensions, and fully automated production equipment that automatically completes packaging processes such as metering, filling and sealing. Any product can get fast, precise and hygienic top packaging.

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