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Multi-head weigher fast packaging machine

Multi-head weigher fast packaging machine

Update Time:2021/3/26 14:54:22
Multi-head weigher fast packaging machine
Multi-head weigher fast packaging machine
Application examples and videos
Application range of multi-head combination weigher packing machine:
It is suitable for rapid quantitative weighing of various granular, flake, strip, spherical and other irregular materials. Such as candies, fruits (raisins, dates...), nuts (walnuts, pistachios...), pet food, roasted seeds and nuts (melon seeds, peanuts...), puffed foods (potato chips, shrimp crackers...), frozen foods (tangyuan, dumplings...) ), hardware, plastic pellets and other manufacturers that need to be weighed quantitatively.

Why is the multi-head combination weigher particularly favored by various food companies?
Using a computer 10-head combination weigher to perform quantitative weighing can accomplish the same work compared with a general electronic weigher.

Using a computerized 10-head combination weigher packing machine: requires a 10-head computer combination weigher, one operator, a speed of 60 bags/min, a single bag error of 0.3 to 0.5 grams, a total error of about 8 kilograms per day, and a total error of about 3 tons per year;
Using general electronic scales: 5 units are required, 5 operators, speed 12 bags/min, single bag error 2 grams, total error per day 57 kg, total error 20 tons per year. Obviously, the use of a computerized scale can save the manufacturer 4 manpower and 17 tons of raw materials every year.

It is not difficult to see that the choice of multi-head combination weigher is a smart choice for merchants.
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