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Intelligent packaging machine will occupy the market

Intelligent packaging machine will occupy the market

Update Time:2021/4/9 15:34:06
Intelligent packaging machine will occupy the market
Intelligent packaging machine will occupy the market
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my country's intelligent technology has always been our shortcoming. In the international arena, it is difficult for my country's intelligent packaging machines to achieve good results in the market. Most of them use prices to attract foreign businessmen. As foreign businessmen have higher and higher technical requirements for packaging machines, my country's packaging machine companies have obviously felt pressure, and prices are sometimes not the main focus of foreign businessmen. Intelligent packaging machines are becoming more and more popular in the international market. When packaging machines shift from price wars to technology, my country's packaging machine companies must prepare in advance.

According to statistics, my country’s packaging machine industry still maintains an annual growth of about 16%. This is because the packaging industry, as a supporting industry in many areas of the national economy, is an industry that promotes consumption and demonstrates value. Its technological advancement and supporting services can help Other industries have a profound impact. At present, the intelligent packaging machine is the internationally recognized development direction of the packaging machine.

my country's packaging machinery has been difficult to gain a good reputation in the world due to its lack of variety, low technology, and poor product reliability. On the previous development path, domestic packaging machinery is indeed very popular due to its low price. However, with the improvement of industry requirements, foreign businessmen's requirements for packaging machinery are gradually diversified, and price can no longer become a competitive advantage.

New packaging machinery is often a mechatronics device that makes full use of the new achievements of information products. The designers of some Chinese companies are not familiar with electronic products, and they are afraid or not willing to use them, which greatly limits the improvement of the level of packaging machinery. Advanced packaging machinery adopts a large number of new detection systems to ensure the stable and reliable operation of packaging machinery. With the increasing penetration of automation manufacturers into the industry and the development of information technology, more and more designers have accepted advanced automation technology and used advanced automation products to improve equipment performance.
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