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Checkweigher for health product

Checkweigher for health product

Update Time:2021/3/16 14:51:56
Checkweigher for health product
Checkweigher for health product
Checkweigher application
The vast majority of content detection in the current daily chemical industry is nothing more than two aspects: first, random inspection during the process, and second, manual weighing. However, the process sampling inspection is limited to the sampling personnel's methods, time, equipment stability, sample distribution and other factors that cannot accurately reflect the quality of the entire batch of products. Manual weighing is often used to measure the products one by one with electronic scales in the assembly line production process. Not to mention the investment of labor costs, it is also limited by the accuracy of the electronic scale, the quality awareness of the weighing personnel, and the lack of concentration of visual fatigue. Weighing speed, etc. Therefore, companies often receive complaints about abnormal product net content from time to time, and even face notifications from the Quality Supervision Bureau.
Since its establishment in 2008, Dadi has focused on the research and development, production and sales of online dynamic weighing equipment. Over the years, it has become a national high-tech enterprise under the leadership of a team of experts in the dynamic weighing field. The self-developed products such as automatic checkweigher, weight detector, weight sorting machine, online weighing machine, weight sorting machine, etc. not only can effectively solve the many shortcomings of traditional detection methods, but also can reduce labor costs and The increase in production capacity has brought unexpected results to enterprises.

Successful case one:
A well-known international cosmetics brand originally used a semi-automatic filling machine + manual weighing method when producing mascara products. The filling line staff arranged for one person to use an eraser for the unfilled empty mascara tubes in units of ten. After the ribs are tied up, one person operates the filling machine, and the other uses electronic weighing and selects the abnormal products. In this way, the maximum daily production capacity is 15,000, but because the net content of the mascara itself is only 7 grams, and each The mascara tube is 10±1g, so the weighing after strapping does not completely solve the phenomenon of empty tubes or lack of material. At least three electronic scales are required to complete the daily output weighing without strapping. After using our equipment, a line is composed of four filling machines + four filling hands + an online checkweigher, which eliminates the bundling process and weighing process, and completes the weight accurately for each product. Inspection and rejection of unqualified products.

Calculated by input and output:
The original one line put three people + one filling machine + one electronic scale = 15,000 pieces/day
The current one line puts four people + four filling machines + online checkweigher = 50,000 pieces/day
From the data, it can be seen that the original production capacity of four yuan can now be completed in one line. The only thing that remains unchanged is four filling machines and four filling workers. An online checkweigher has been added, and four pipe tying workers have been reduced. +Four weighing workers + four electronic scales + three assembly lines, according to the labor cost of 2500 yuan/person/month, the annual cost of 8 people will save 240,000 yuan, and the vacated three assembly lines can triple the production capacity. In fact, labor cost savings and productivity improvement are far more than 10 times or 100 times more than the investment of an online checkweigher.

Successful case two:
Due to the rapid development of the facial mask market in 2013, a facial mask manufacturer in Guangzhou introduced two 8-head automatic filling machines. With the ups and downs of the facial mask market in 2014 and 15 and the increased supervision of the mask market by the Quality Supervision Bureau, The net content inspection work has always only used sampling inspection (the production speed of the machine is fast, and it is impossible to check and weigh manually). To ensure that the net content is not risked, the utilization rate of these two machines has not been high in the past three years. , But has been using the old manual filling. The increase in orders in 2016 had to think about the use of automatic filling machines again, and the introduction of our company's online automatic checkweigher.

The comparison of the before and after production lines is as follows:
Original production line: two manual filling machines + two filling workers + one person weighing + two people sealing = 4000 pieces/hour
Current production line: 6-head automatic filling machine + one operator + automatic checkweigher = 8000 pieces/hour

 Before and after comparison:
1. The production capacity is increased, and the daily output of two 8-head automatic filling lines can be increased by more than 100,000.
Second, the quality is improved. The use of the online automatic checkweigher perfectly solves the phenomenon of lack of filling or empty packages.
Third, the labor cost is reduced. One line of five people becomes one line for one person, which solves the problem of labor shortage and effectively reduces labor costs.
4. The re-use of idle equipment and the operation of assets bring a steady stream of resources and funds.
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