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DW1328 Three-side sealing powder packaging machine

DW1328 Three-side sealing powder packaging machine

DW1328 Three-side sealing powder packaging machine
DW1328 Three-side sealing powder packaging machineDW1328 Three-side sealing powder packaging machine
CategoriesPacking machine manufacturer
Place of OriginGuangdong, China
warranty period1 year
Update TimeFeb 23,2024
Detail Information
Three-side sealing powder packaging machine 
Three-side seal granule packing machine 
Suitable range 
White sugar, edible salt, monosodium glutamate, washing powder 
Packing speed 
60-100 packs/min 
Width of packaging film 
≤ 300 mm 
Packaging bag size 
50-130mm in length 
Width 40-140mm 
220V 50/60 Hz 
Weight of the whole machine 
Outline Dimensions 
Product details
The core part of the packaging machine adopts advanced Chinese and English operation interface and intelligent control system, which can automatically complete all tasks such as metering, bag making, filling, sealing, cutting, counting, cutting and tearing, hot pressing batch number (could be equipped with a coding machine) . It is a new type of intelligent three-side sealing automatic packaging machine. The equipment can be set to any bag length, stop for fixed bag, production count and automatic stop when the total output is reached. The bag length is controlled by high-precision sensor photoelectric, which can be reserved. Complete patterns to prevent waste of packaging bags.
Advantage 2:
* Automation: Automatic packaging, one-time forming
* High Precision: Small error in Quantitative Accuracy
* High-quality: Imported stainless steel fuselage with high power components
* Specifications: Various specifications, customization
* Application: It is widely used in plenty of materials.

* Guarantee: Lifelong after-sales service

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