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High speed check weigher with rejector

High speed check weigher with rejector

High speed check weigher with rejector
High speed check weigher with rejectorHigh speed check weigher with rejectorHigh speed check weigher with rejectorHigh speed check weigher with rejector
Categoriessmall range(weight range:1g-3Kg)
ModelDCW series
Weight checking accuracyWeight checking accuracy
MaterialWeighing Sensor: Aluminum and stainless steel optional Roller: Aluminum Structure: stainless steel 304 Conveyor Belt: White, Food Grade, Polyurethane Thermoplastic (TPU)
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Update TimeApr 16,2024
Detail Information
DCW series High precision checkweigher
Product model
Display scale
Weight checking range
1- 500g
Weight checking accuracy
± 0.1-0.3g
± 0.15-0.5g
± 0.2-0.6g
Size of weighing section
L 300mm*W 120mm
L:350mm*W 120mm
L 400mm*W 120mm
Suitable product size
L≤ 200mm;W≤ 120mm
L≤ 230mm;W≤ 120mm 
L≤ 280mm;W≤ 120mm
Weighing Control System
DADI On-line weighing control system V1.1.5
Belt speed 
Sorting section
Standard 2 sections,optional 3 sections
Eliminating device
Air blowing, push rod, baffle, top and bottom turning plate are optional
Product details
1. Weight compensation function
2. Histograms and graphs are used to analyze the product qualification rate.
3. Secondary operation authority management, support self-set password.
4. 100 product formulas can be preset and stored.
5. Multiple rejection methods for unqualified products, and support for unqualified shutdown function.
6.It can be used to eliminate bottles and cans, and to ensure that the bottles do not fall without caps and are sorted to the storage area normally.
Beverage box industry

Product missing inspection For products with small packages in large packages, such as beverage boxes, and large bags containing multiple small bags of products, due to equipment or personnel factors, the product may be missing. Using a checkweigher to check the weight of a large package can ensure that there will be no missing products in the large package.

Fresh food industry

Sort by column automatically classify products with uneven weight. For example, if the manufacturer of split chicken wants to divide chicken legs of different sizes into several weight ranges, they can use checkweighing to automatically weigh each chicken wing, and send the weight signal to the PLC, which drives the corresponding push plate according to the set range Send the chicken wings to the corresponding box to complete the purpose of automatic classification.

Health Products Industry

Final inspection of product weight In the final stage of product production, the weight of the product is re-inspected, and unqualified products are eliminated to ensure that the weight of the products delivered meets the requirements.

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