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Pillow packaging machine optimizes packaging quality

Pillow packaging machine optimizes packaging quality

May 8,2020
Packaging equipment can automatically complete the main processes including filling, wrapping, sealing, etc. At present, there are many types of packaging equipment on the market, including vacuum packaging machines, stretch film packaging machines, bag packaging machines, and nitrogen filling packaging machines. , Pillow packaging machine and so on. Cakes are relatively "fragile" foods. Therefore, the packaging cannot be in a vacuum form to avoid being squeezed by the atmosphere, which may affect the shape and mouth feel of the product.

In the packaging of pastry foods, pillow packaging machines are more commonly used equipment. Pillow-type packaging machine is a continuous packaging equipment. The packaging film wrapped with pastries is sealed vertically and horizontally in the former, with fast temperature up and high stability. The equipment can be used not only for packaging of transparent or unbranded packaging materials, but also for packaging of packaging materials pre-printed with patterns and trademarks, with fast packaging speed and high quality.

Pillow packaging machines mostly use PLC control systems, with a high degree of packaging automation. The packaging film cutting tool can perform reciprocating cutting, which is accurate in one step, and the cutting will not cause the packaging material to stick to the knife, hot film, etc., and the packaging seal is beautiful. However, in the packaging process of printing and packaging materials, equipment manufacturers should pay attention to factors such as the stretching of packaging materials and mechanical transmission when the equipment is running, resulting in errors in the sealing and cutting positions.

To eliminate this error, equipment manufacturers also need to improve the automatic positioning capabilities of the equipment. Enterprises can install a continuous photoelectric automatic positioning system in the equipment to eliminate possible positioning errors in the packaging process through this system. At the same time, it is also necessary to improve the level of intelligence of the equipment, implant intelligent servo technology in the equipment, integrate motion control technology, DSP technology, PLC technology, fieldbus technology and other modern control technologies to promote the equipment to become intelligent and networked. The development of digitalization, modularization and digitalization.

Nowadays, consumers prefer pre-packaged pastries with medium and long shelf life such as 20 days and 45 days. In the production of this kind of cakes, automated packaging equipment is indispensable. The pillow packaging machine has a high degree of automation and fast packaging speed, which can well improve the production efficiency and packaging quality of pastries. For the pillow packaging machine industry, if it wants to continue to develop and grow, it needs to develop in the direction of faster and more stable packaging, low energy consumption, low manual work, and low waste rate.

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