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Configure and select logistics packaging equipment

Configure and select logistics packaging equipment

Jan 25,2019
Systemic principle

Systematization is the use of systematic viewpoints and methods in the configuration and selection of logistics packaging equipment, systematic analysis of the various links involved in the operation of logistics packaging equipment, and the overall goal of each logistics packaging equipment with the logistics system, the relationship between other logistics equipment, and the logistics Packaging equipment and operators, logistics packaging equipment and logistics tasks are organically and rigorously combined to improve the functions of each link, optimize the configuration and selection of logistics machinery and equipment, and enable logistics machinery and equipment to play the greatest role.

Applicability principle

Applicability is the ability of logistics packaging equipment to meet the requirements of use. Full attention should be paid to adapt to the actual needs and development plans of logistics operations, meet the characteristics of the goods, adapt to the needs of freight volume, and adapt to different working conditions and various operating performances. Requirements, flexible and convenient operation and use. In addition, Xu Lei, deputy general manager of Hefei Jingsong Automation Technology Co., Ltd., also specially reminded that the pharmaceutical, food and other industries have very strict hygiene requirements. Therefore, you must pay special attention when purchasing logistics packaging equipment. Rusty stainless steel and aluminum alloy materials, the machine needs to be equipped with anti-static, explosion-proof and other measures. In addition, the higher the performance and price of logistics packaging equipment, the better, but the correct choice of the type, quantity, and product performance of logistics packaging equipment while considering the space for product upgrades.

The principle of technological advancement

Technological advancement means that the configuration and selection of logistics machinery and equipment can reflect the current advanced scientific and technological achievements, and are technologically advanced in terms of main technical performance, degree of automation, structural optimization, environmental protection, operating conditions, and the application of modern new technologies. And in terms of timeliness, it can meet the requirements of technological development. When purchasing packaging equipment, it is necessary to prevent the purchase of technically backward and obsolete models.

Low cost principle

Low cost refers to the low life cycle cost of logistics packaging equipment, not only the low cost of one-time purchase, but more importantly, the low cost of use. In most cases, the advanced nature of logistics packaging equipment and technology and low cost may conflict, but under the premise of satisfying the use, the advanced technology and economic costs should be fully considered and weighed, and reasonable judgments should be made. A further cost analysis is needed.

Principles of Reliability and Safety

Reliability refers to the ability of logistics packaging equipment to complete specified functions under specified use time and conditions. It is a basic performance index of logistics equipment, and mainly refers to the stability and maintenance of logistics packaging equipment. Safety refers to the ability of equipment to ensure the safety of people and goods and the environment from harm during use. It mainly includes equipment's automatic control performance, self-protection performance, and protection and warning devices for misoperation. With the improvement of the modernization of logistics operations, reliability and safety have increasingly become important factors for measuring the quality of equipment. When configuring and selecting logistics packaging equipment, full consideration should be given to its reliability and safety to improve the utilization of logistics machinery and equipment, prevent personal accidents, and ensure the smooth progress of logistics operations.

One machine with multiple uses

One machine with multiple functions refers to the ability of logistics packaging equipment to have multiple functions and adapt to multiple operations. It is both inconvenient to use and not conducive to management to configure logistics packaging equipment with a single purpose. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a multi-purpose logistics machinery and equipment, so that one piece of equipment can be suitable for continuous operation in multiple operating environments at the same time, thereby reducing operating links, improving operating efficiency, and reducing the number of logistics packaging equipment, which is convenient for logistics equipment management.

Environmental protection principle

When choosing logistics packaging equipment, priority should be given to green and energy-saving products with little environmental pollution.
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