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The key to easy operation of packaging machine

The key to easy operation of packaging machine

Mar 15,2019
The quality of the packaging machine mainly depends on user feedback:
Generally speaking, the operating procedures of the packaging machine must be simple, that is, the operating procedures and settings of the control panel must be simple. 
For a user who is new to the packaging machine, what he cares about must be that the machine is easy to understand and easy to operate. Like the mobile phones we use every day,
 no one knows what its internal structure is. Because it is too complicated to understand, people who do not understand electrical principles cannot understand it.
 But everyone can use a mobile phone because its operation is very simple. So there is no need to understand what is in his black box.
So what is the packaging process: material weighing and filling, machine bag making, and sealing.

The basic setting parameters of the packaging machine:
Set the bag length, packaging speed, bag number, bag weight, filling delay, sealing delay and sealing time, etc.
All these parameters are set to coordinate the various parts of the machine.
According to different materials, different bag sizes and different films, set up different machine operating parameters to make a perfect bag.
The machine's running program is the core technology of the packaging machine.
Therefore, a smooth and reasonable operating program is the key to a good machine operation.

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