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How to install the checkweigher correctly

How to install the checkweigher correctly

Aug 13,2015
The main products of Dongguan Dadi Automation Technology Co., Ltd. are checkweighers, weighing machines, and sorting machines. Now our best selling is the checkweigher, but many customers don’t know how to install it. A big problem, let me explain how to install the checkweigher correctly today.

Choosing the ideal checkweigher according to your application is a good start, and ensuring the correct installation of the checkweigher is also very critical. Correctly calibrate the checkweigher to propose packaging that is significantly higher or lower than the target weight of the product. This will not only ensure that you meet the legal metrology requirements, but also reduce product waste. Your target weight should be slightly higher than the weight stated on the packaging label, because this ensures that the average weight of the product batch can meet the legal requirements. The accurate checkweigher also allows you to set more stringent product target weight tolerances, allowing you to further reduce waste and minimize underweight products that continue to enter the back of the production line. You should obtain innovative data monitoring software from a technology provider to integrate the checkweigher with other product inspection equipment on the production line.

This allows you to identify overweight or underweight packaging and identify the link where the error occurred. It can also issue an alarm for the filling machinery in the front of the production line with deviations in the filling level trend, and let these machinery adjust their parts and correct the problem. This kind of pre-emptive condition monitoring can reduce product rejection and product waste.
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